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When you acquire a puppy you are taking on a liability for the next twelve or more years. As with a child you are responsible for this little life. They look so appealing when they are only eight weeks old but they can soon become destruction machines. They do not know the difference between a dog chew and a very expensive pair of shoes. The arm of a leather chair is just as chewable as a raw hide bone when you are teething. So don’t be fooled into thinking this little angel is fast asleep and won’t wake up until you get back from the shops. Your garden is great fun too. The soil is soft were you have just planted new bulbs or plants, and digging is pure joy when you are only one. Think puppy! And then think puppy again.

A trained dog is a delight to be with but an untrained dog is a nuisance to everybody. They won’t know the difference between your old jeans and a designer outfit that you have just bought for a special occasion. So jumping up must be a ‘no no’ at a very early age.


Your puppy is as good as you train it to be. It’s up to you. There are no bad dogs only bad handlers.        



"We're not German, we're British!"

We strive to produce the best working dogs of both breeds so that others may enjoy hunting with them as much as we do.

We occasionally have puppies available as we breed litters to meet both our own needs and those of others. Many of our puppy owners have had 3 or 4 Questor puppies over the years.

Stud dogs of both breeds may be available for suitable bitches.

All Enquiries to Eileen Winser   Tel. H. 01487 822366    M. 07711612145

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David & Eileen Winser

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